All the funds raised each concert season through ticket sales, advertising, donations, and grants support the performances of the orchestra. The Northern Neck Orchestra Foundation has a different mission. Its purpose is to create and manage a permanent endowment fund to ensure the orchestra’s future.

Through your generosity, the Foundation will help create the financial security required by the orchestra over time to keep ticket prices affordable, enhance its musical capabilities, expand concert venues, and undertake outreach initiatives in the community.

Gifts to the Foundation and the funds generated by its endowment also will enable the orchestra to overcome downturns in annual giving and other unforeseen problems that might lie ahead.

The Northern Neck Orchestra Foundation is a public charity. The funds it raises will be managed by BRB Financial Group in an Endowment Fund. We have received rulings confirming that the Foundation is exempt from federal income taxation, and donations to it are deductible for federal income taxation for donors as well as being classified as a public charity rather than as a private foundation. As such, the Foundation will not be liable for any federal income tax on any investment income it earns as a foundation.